3M™ Automotive Window Film FX-HP Series


1. Economical alternative
The 3M™ FX-HP Series combines dyed and metalized films to provide strong heat rejection and powerful UV protection in one affordable package.

2. Stay cool
The FX-HP Series offers maximum heat rejection and protection from the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays. Rejection of up to 65% of the total solar energy coming through you windows gives your car the cool factor in more ways than one.

3. Protect your privacy
Sleek charcoal finish comes in a range of tint levels that can block up to 97% of visible light, protecting privacy for you, your family and your valuables.

4. Reduce glare
The FX-HP Series significantly reduces glare from sunlight, allowing you to see better and concentrate more on driving. It’s available in a range of tint levels to meet your needs.

5. Guard against UV
The FX-HP Series can enhance the protection from the sun’s harmful rays. Rejecting up to 99% ultraviolet (UV) light.

Terms to Know:
  • TSER – Total Solar Energy Rejection The percentage of total solar energy rejected by filmed glass. The higher this value, the less solar heat is transmitted.
  • VLT – Visible Light Transmitted The percentage of visible light that passes directly through filmed glass: the higher the number, the lighter the film.
  • Ultraviolet Rejection The percentage of ultraviolet (UV) light that is rejected by the filmed glass. UV light contributes to the fading and deterioration of fabrics and leather.
  • IRR – Infrared Rejection The percentage of solar infrared energy rejection over the wavelength range from 900-1,000 nm. Infrared rays are primarily responsible for the heat you feel when driving.
  • IRER – Infrared Energy Rejection The percent of solar infrared energy rejection over the wavelength range from 780–2,500 nm. IRER takes into account the transmitted and absorbed IR energy that will be reradiated into a car.
  • Glare Reduction The percentage by which visible light is reduced by the addition of film. 
  • Limited lifetime warranty: Backed by one of the most comprehensive warranties you can get. Sold and installed by professional 3M Authorized Dealers Installers, our films are durable, long-lasting and virtually maintenance free

Choose your level of protection. The FX-HP Series is available in a variety of tint levels to meet your needs.
Model FXHP 5 FXHP 15 FXHP 20 FXHP 30 FXHP 35 FXHP 50
Total Solar Energy Rejected 65% 61% 61% 59% 56% 55%
Infrared Rejection 37% 43% 41% 42% 35% 36%
VLT 3% 12% 19% 26% 35% 41%
UV Rejection 99.0% 99.0% 99.0% 99.0% 99.0% 99.0%
Glare Reduction 97% 84% 75% 65% 53% 45%
IRER** 60% 58% 60% 59% 59% 59%

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